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Contents of Shiloh Christian Library Volume 1

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A.T.S - Biblical Words and Phrases
Anderson, Sir. Robert - The Coming Prince
- The Critics Criticized
- The Way
- In Defense
- Redemption Truths
Anderson, G. W. & D. E. - The Authorized version
Amos, R. P. - The Church
Baines, T. B. - The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Bellett, J.G. - Short Meditations on Elisha
- Paul's Apostleship and Epistle
- The Evangelists
- The Minor Prophets
Bonar, Andrew - Memoirs of McCheyne
Bowan, Godfrey -Why the Shepherd
Brookes, J. H. - How to be Saved
Bunting, W. - Spiritual Balance
Coates, C. A. - An Outline of the Book of Ruth
- An Outline of Revelation
- An Outline to Romans
- Gleanings from the Ministry
- The Believer Established
- An Outline of the Epistle of James
- An Outline of the Book of Deuteronomy
- The Food of Life
- The Paths of Life
- The True Grace of God
- An outline to Romans
- Spiritual Blessings
- Twelve Lectures on the House of God
Caldwell, J. R. - The Charter and the Church
Crain, C. - Readings on the First Epistle of John
- Readings on the Epistle to the Romans
Darby, J. N. - Notes on the Epistle to the Hebrews
Davis, C. J. - Aids to Believers
Dennett, Edward - The Seven Churches
- Christ as the Morning Star
- Fundamental Truths of Salvation
- Malachi
- The Step I Have Taken
- Zechariah: The Prophet
- Unsearchable Riches
Edersheim, Dr. Alfred - History of Juda and Israel
Ferguson, Franklin - Selections on Ministry
- The Church of God
Gaebelein, A. C. - The Prophet Daniel
Gibbs, Alfred P. - Scriptural Principles of Gathering
Grant, F. W. - Genesis
- Exodus
- God's Evangel
- Leaves from the Book
- The Crowned Christ
- Miscellaneous Writings
- Facts and Theories As To A Future State
- Lessons from the Book of Exodus
Griffith Thomas - Christianity is Christ
- The Essentials of Life
Hague, Dyson - The Wonder of the Book
Hardy, G. B. - Escape
Henderson, George - Studies in the Book of Exodus
Hocking, W. J. - The Son of His Love
Hoste & Rodgers - Bible Problems and Answers
Hulshizer, Steven - The Truth of Headship
Ironside, H. A. - Changed By Beholding
- Notes on the book of Ezra
- Holiness
- Jeremiah
- Song of Solomon
- Exposition of Jude
- Notes on the book of Nehemiah
- The Holy Trinity
- Four Golden Hours
- The Holy Spirit's Mission in the World
- Help for the Needy Soul
- God's Unspeakable Gift
- Illustrations of Bible Truth
- Praying in the Holy Spirit
- Acts
J. G. B. - The Moral Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Jones, Martyn Lloyd - Why Does God Allow War?
- The Plight of Man & the Power of God
Jennings, F.C. - Old Groans and New Songs
- Satan and His Work
- Satan his Person work and Destiny
Kelly, William - An Exposition of Epistles to Timothy
- The Epistle To The Galations
- Jacob
- Christ Tempted and Sympathizing
- Lectures on the Book of Daniel
- Lectures on the Ephesians
- The Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians
Knapp, C. - The Kings of Judah and Israel
- A Fruitful Bough
- The Life and Times of Samuel the Prophet
Maclaren, Alexander - The Colossians and Philmon
- The God of the Amen
- The Gospel of St John
- Christ’s Musts
McClure, William J. - The Tabernacle its Types and Teachings
Meyer, F. B. - Joseph
- The Call and Challenge of the Unseen
- John the Baptist
- Tried By Fire
- Exodus
- Elijah and the Secret of his Power
- Israel A Prince With God
- The Five Musts of the Christian Life
Miller, Andrew - Meditations On The Song of Solomon
Morgan, G. Campbell - The Corinthian Letters
- God's Perfect Will
- Epistle To the Romans
- The Gospel According To John
- Hosea the Heart and Holiness of God
- Preaching
- The Parables and Metaphors of Our Lord
- The Spirit of God
- The Crises of the Christ
- The Great Physician
- Triumph of Faith
- Peter and the Church
- The Study and Teaching of the English Bible
- Voices of Twelve Hebrew Prophets
- Discipleship
- A Year’s Bible Course
- The Acts of the Apostle
- Notes On The Psalms
- The Westminster Pulpit
Moody, D. L. - Men of the Bible
Mudge, J. - Poems to Strengthen the Soul, Edited by
Newberry, Thomas - Types of Levitical Offerings
Nichols, J. W. H. - Musings in the Psalms
Patterson, F. G. - The Way's of God
- A Chosen Vessel
- The Lord’s Host
Pierson, Arthur T. - Lessons in the School of Prayer
Pollock, A. J. - The Tabernacle's Typical Teaching
- Things Which Must Shortly Come to Pass
Ridout, Samuel - How to Study the Bible
- The Bible: The True University
- The Four Gospels
- Lectures on Hebrews
- King Saul
Ritchie, John - Notes on the Epistle to the Romans
Rodgers, William - Bible Notes and Expositions
Rossier, H. L. - Meditations On The Book of Joshua
Sale - Harrison Dr. L. - The Remarkable Jew
Saphir, Adolph - Christ and Israel
- Our Life-Day
- Christ Crucified
Sauer, Erich - In the Arena of Faith
- From Eternity to Eternity
- Triumph of the Crucified
Savage, John Ashton - The Scroll of Time
- The Kingdom of God and of Heaven
Sayce, A. H. - The Life and Times of Isaiah
- Fresh Light from the Ancient Monuments
Scott, Walter - Bible Handbook (Old Testament)
- Biblical Outlines
- Bible Handbook (New Testament)
- Exposition of the Revelation of Jesus Christ
Scroggie, Graham - Christ in The Creed
- Salvation and Behavior
- The Lord's Return
- Know Your Bible
Selected Authors - Collectanea
- Back to the Bible
Smith, Daniel - Worship and Remembrance
Smith, Hamilton - The Last Words
- Hold Fast That Which Thou Hast
- Perspectives on the True Church
Smith, J. Denham - The Brides of Scripture
Smith, James
(Handfuls On Purpose)
- Book A
- Book B
- Book C
- Book D
- Book E
- Book F
- Book G
- Book H
- Book I
- Book J
Snell, H. H. - Pasture for the Flock
- The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
Sprunt, James - Pithy Points
Spurgeon, C. H. - Lectures To My Students
Stuart, C. E. - The Book of Praises or the Psalms
- Sketches from the Book of Mark
- Tracings from the Gospel of John
Tozer, A. W. - Pursuit of God
Van Ryn, August - Acts of the Apostles
Van Winkle, P. - The Christophanies
Von Poseck, J. A. - Light In Our Dwellings
Watson, J. B. - The Church A Symposium
Witherby, H. Forbes - The Child of God
- The Gospel of our Salvation
- The Book of Joshua
Wolston, W.T.P - Another Comforter
- Behold the Bridegroom
- The Church, What is it?


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