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The Pulpit Commentary

by H.D.M. Spence and Joseph S.Exell

Cross Country Software is very pleased to announce that
The Pulpit Commentary has now been published. Undoubtedly,
The Pulpit Commentary is the most requested and sought
after collection by the AGES Software users. After listening
to their customers, and 2 years of labor, AGES Software is
excited to complete the most anticipated project in our
company's history.

Not much needs to be said for one of the largest homiletical
commentary sets of its kind. The Pulpit Commentary gives a
verse-by-verse exposition, a translation, biblical customs,
historical and geographical information, followed by the
homiletics section, homilies by numerous authors, a
homiletical index to the Bible.

The Pulpit Commentary has over 22,000 pages and 95,000
entries. Great care has been taken to preserve all of the
Greek and Hebrew and footnotes in this work. Also for the
first time, AGES Software has organized all of the Homiletical
Indices in this set, into one Homiletical Index for the whole
Bible. This will mean that the user will be able to navigate
either by verse, or choosing from the electronically linked
list of homilies.

Ranging in price for $300 to $800 in print, this set is a
must-have for any pastor or Bible student.