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B. B. Warfield Collection



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Rev. Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (1851-1921) provided in his will for the collection and publication of his numerous articles on theological subjects contained in encyclopedias, reviews and other periodicals. Originally published for limited distribution, these articles and reviews have proven to be of such value over time that they have been reprinted and published in various venues, editions, and condensed versions on several occasions. This definitive collection of Warfield's works for the first time utilizes digital technology for multimedia format. Together they provide a masterful collection of biblical, historical, and systematic theology from the great theologian of Princeton Theological Seminary. Like no other theological collection of articles and reviews, the chapters in these volumes are directed to the pressing theological and apologetical issues of the day.

Vol. 1: Revelation and Inspiration
Vol. 2: Biblical Doctrines
Vol. 3: Christology and Criticism
Vol. 4: Studies in Tertullian and Augustine
Vol. 5: Calvin and Calvinism
Vol. 6: The Westminster Assembly and Its Work
Vol. 7: Perfectionism - Volume I
Vol. 8: Perfectionism - Volume II
Vol. 9: Studies in Theology
Vol. 10: Critical Reviews

All Complete works on one CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows.

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